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Thank you!

First, to God. Soli Deo Gloria.

Secondly, to the thousands of GCalc users.

And specifically to the following people:

  • Chris Ahna, for first working through the infix/postfix conversion algorithm with me.
  • Brent Griffen of Floyd College, for the suggestion to change the color scheme to work with projectors in classrooms.
  • Dr. George Hauser of Pacific Lutheran University, my undergraduate advisor, for making me learn object oriented programming among many other things.
  • Nate Yocom of XPA Systems, for providing me with many insights about coding, project management, and life in general.
  • Dr. Eric Carlen of Georgia Institute of Technology, for providing me with an algorithm for drawing level set curves.
  • Peter Palmer of MorpheusSOFT, Ltd., for providing me with the domain name gcalc.net.
  • Devin Zuczek of Versus Technologies for graciously hosting gcalc.net.
  • Maryanne Kim for providing the drawing of our new mascot, Calculot.


To protect the privacy of those who have financially contributed, I won't name them, but much thanks is owed to those who have donated to GCalc. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

If you would like to contribute, please make a donation. Support GCalc!


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